artwork on canvas for all tastes

A canvas installation is perfect for those who want the benefits of stunning artwork in their home or business but do not want to commit to the permanent covering of a wall. A number of people instead want the freedom to move the artwork from wall to wall within their home or business, as well as allowing the artwork to move premises altogether. The size and shape of an indoor canvas installation is almost limitless, so the visual size and impact of a traditional mural is also achievable with a canvas work.

Canvas also gives a classic feel to new artwork, as most installations can be framed to your specifications, whether on stretched canvas or pre-prepared canvas board. If left as they are, a ‘rough and ready’ feel is attained, as canvas can be mounted on a wooden frame and tacked down, with all four edges exposed. This, too, can be most attractive if used effectively. Nick Hallard of eyebright can be consulted for colour matching, frame design and construction, as well as composition and structure of a collection of eyebright canvasses, for any home or business commissioning original eyebright artwork. Due to the personal nature of commissions, many of the following artworks are not themselves commissions, and are for sale. Please enquire by clicking the email contact link on each individual page. Multiple, original hand painted commissions of a similar theme are welcomed from pubs, clubs, restaurants or hotels, and a sliding scale discount is available.

Anything from portraits of family members or pets, paintings of buildings and architectural realisation, landscapes, even fantasy and science fiction subjects are all hand painted onto canvas by Nick Hallard. The only limit is your own imagination.

canvas paintings and installations